Textile & Fashion Business


Design Innovation Research

- Database creation through research, analysis and design of fashion information materials and integrated networking of domestic and international fashion information (industry personnel, production technology, organization and institutional information, etc.)

- Building a knowledge industry foundation through information networks


Design Development

- Brand development and operation as a model for globalization strategy.

Self-planned product development

- Development of textile and fashion industry-academia associations and corporate product brands


Digital content development

- Production of digital content related to Korean cultural archetypes

- Providing creative materials related to fashion culture to the cultural content industry (characters, comics, games)


Art Directing

- Exhibition planning, display planning, collection planning, coordination support

- Video and promotional material production planning


Corporate Support

- Brand strategy development and consulting

- Design Promotion

- New brand planning and launching, market research and analysis.

Design product development

- Brand identity management

- Support for cooperation between fashion companies and institutions

- Commerce support (On/Off-Line), management rationalization and informatization support, public relations and marketing support