Welcome to the website of the Korea Textile and Fashion Industry-Academia Association.

Our association was founded in 2004, and over the past 20 years, we have established ourselves as a leading association in the Korean textile and fashion industry through the active activities of our members and the dedicated efforts of past presidents for the development of industries and academics centered on textiles and fashion. It's done

In addition, this association is comprised of textile and fashion experts and professors from mid-sized and small businesses and academia who are leading the Korean textile and fashion industry. It was first founded and operated as the Korea Knit Fashion Industry-Academic Association, but in order to be reborn as an association suitable for the global era and the era of the 4th industrial revolution, it changed its name to the Korea Textile Fashion Industry-Academic Association in 2019 to promote not only textiles and fashion, but also art, design, and We are expanding our activities into various fields including crafts. In particular, in order to revitalize the domestic textile fashion industry, we are actively engaged in collaboration with the Gyeonggi Textile Industry Association, which has established itself as the mecca of the 'SMART&ECO' textile fashion industry. The domestic textile fashion industry is leading the brand power in the global market and 4 We are sparing no effort in ceaseless research so that we can lead the era of the tea industrial revolution.

We promise to continue to develop further by establishing a cooperative system with domestic and foreign industries and academia in the field of textile fashion design, and we ask for your continued encouragement and interest in supporting this association.

Korea Textile Fashion Industry-Academic Association

Chairman  Hye Sook Park